Please take into consideration that a large amount of information presented and discussed in this showcase can be attributed to personal correspondence. However, any facts and figures included in this site will be referenced electronically via the References page. I want to not only highlight but thank Zubair Torwali for his generosity and guidance in creating this webpage. 

About This Site

This site serves as an online in depth case study of the endangered language known as Torwali. 

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Torwali is spoken in the Swat Valley in the Khyber Pakhthunkhwa Province of Northern Pakistan - pictured below.

Mountain View

Hear Torwali:

The video below is a traditional Torwali "Dubha".

A Dubha is a Torwali Duet that is sung during feasts or communal work.

The video has English subtitles and showcases the Torwali language, culture and the landscape of Northern Pakistan.